"The Band Played , the Crowd Cheered""Play Me""Waitin' on Shorty""Wait in' on Shorty"Group shot Booth Shot"The Crowd Cheered, as the Band Played On""The Crowd Cheered""The Band Played On and On and On""The Band Played On and On""The Band Played On""Shotgun Sells""Running With the Bulls""Twerkin' on the Streetcar Line""The River Was Rising, But the Band Played On""The River Rose""Raining at the Fest""The River Was Risin' ""A Boy and His Treasure""Tailwind""Fog Lifting"Bald Eagle on Salvaged Door"Raccoon on the Porch""Owl at Dusk"Blue Crab on salvaged cabinet door."The Yearling""Fox in the Henhouse"Brown Pelican on salvaged doorSwamp Scene on Salvaged Wood"Cat's Eye Marble""Cessna Skyhawk""Skyhawk""Table for  Two""Dirty Martini""Red, Red Wine""I'll Have Another""Navarre""Living Vicariously""Turning Points""Street Life""Why"

SOLD"From the Vagabond's Perch""Wayward""Toucan""Crossroads""Trees Through Mist"

"Unbridled""Colored Glass"
SOLD"Brown Pelican I""Walking in the Rain"Nude Female IVNude Female IIIMale Nude IMonet Sunrise Interpretation"That's My Hope""Sanctuary""French Quarter Blues""Pirates Alley""Bamboo II""Sailing"Textured Landscape "Red-Eyed Tree Frog""Affected""Sweet Harmony"LASPCA Bead Dog
"Dog Gone It 2"LASPCA Bead Dog
"Dog Gone It 2"LASPCA Bead Dog
"Dog Gone It"LASPCA Bead Dog
"Dog Gone It"LASPCA Bead Dog
"Dog Gone It"LASPCA Bead Dog
"Dog Days of Summer"LASPCA Bead Dog
"Dog Days of Summer"LASPCA Bead Dog
"Dog Days of Summer""Olive Trees In Mist""Refuge"Untitled"Morning Mist""Serendipity""Slate Mist""Grounded""Fusion""Three Pears""Bamboo"Abstract Swirl"Brown Pelican""Exposed""Egret in Swamp""Beach Floor"Gallery 421 Display"Brick Wall - 3 parts exposed""Alizarin Scroll" "Warm Breeze""Spheres""Blended Swirl""Crabby Beach""Brick Wall Exposed""Big Easy Streetscape""Olive Spheres" Diptych
Pamela Marquis Studio
221 Dauphine Street
New Orleans, La. 70112
(504) 615-1752

Gallery Hours

Monday 10:00 - 5:30
Tuesday closed
Wednesday closed
Thursday 10:00 - 5:30
Friday 10:00 - 5:30
Saturday 10:00 - 5:30
Sunday 10:00 - 5:30

I began my career as an artist by painting Mardi Gras floats
in New Orleans. As a float painter I developed an appreciation for light, texture and bold, contrasting colors. Painting floats provided me the opportunity to paint on a grand scale, which later inspired me to incorporate those techniques onto canvas. After hurricane Katrina, I started selling my paintings at local art markets and festivals, which led to opening my working studio and gallery at 221 Dauphine Street, in the French Quarter.

-Pamela Marquis